What is perfection? I have no clue!

Is it possible to be perfect? If so, I want to!

Why do people want to be perfect? I don’t know!

Perfection is a myth.

It just doesn’t exist.

It is used as a compliment.

But it just isn’t true.

Why? Because perfection is impossible.   (in my opinion)

30th Day of the Challenge

Today is the thirtieth day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I can’t believe it is over tomorrow! I’ll tell you about the first day of sixth grade. 

On August 31st, it was the first day of middle school! I was so excited. I got on the bus with so many people that I didn’t even know lived in my community. It was weird since everybody had to share a seat on the bus. When we go to school, the sixth graders had to go to the gym. They said once they tell us to leave the gym we have to go to homeroom to learn all the rules and get another copy of our schedule in case we forgot. Luckily, I had my schedule in bag. I knew where to go. Then, we went to our first block. I had music. They told us all of the rules in music class, then we had free time. Next, I had spectrum. They told us all the rules, then we had free time. Then, I had History. She told us all of the rules and also got us a little introduced on Primary and Secondary sources. She also told us we were allowed to chew gum, but no bubbles. Next, I had science, also, lunch block. She told us to go to the lunch room first, then come back when we were dismissed from there. She told us how she wanted things to go and, because she had so much to say, it took the whole block! Finally, I had English. She told us all our rules. She said when we come in everyday, we will have something called Sacred Writing Time, where we write about whatever we want in our notebook for a solid ten minutes. She said we’re allowed to chew gum WITH bubbles. We also have English everyday. Before we left, she gave everybody a gift. It was a notebook which we could use for Sacred Writing Time! I was really glad the first day of school went so well!

29th Day of the Challenge

Today is the twenty ninth day of the Slice of Life Challenge. It is ending sooner and sooner. I’ll tell you about the time I went to  a field trip to Jamestown/Yorktown.

In fourth grade, we had a field trip to Jamestown.I had to wake up at 5:30 that morning so I could get to school on time. We had to be there at about 6:30 so that we could get to Jamestown by about 10:30. It was fun in the bus. We had a bathroom and a really fancy bus with wi-fi. We were allowed to use our devices which were mostly tablets. EVERYONE had one to keep themselves entertained. Then, we reached. We saw a lot of things in Jamestown. We got a tour. There were people dressed up as colonists and people dressed up as American Indians. It was really cool. They showed us how they stayed in their homes, how they cooked and farmed food, and how they interacted with each other. We ate lunch after that. Then, we went to Yorktown, which was a half hour drive from Jamestown. In Yorktown, we saw battlefields and a few homes. It was there that we go to go to the gift store. I got a Jamestown-Yorktown mini ball and a skin of a rabbit. It was really cool. But, sadly, I don’t know where they are, so I won’t remember this event for later.

28th Day of the Challenge

Today is the twenty eighth day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I can’t believe it is almost over! I’ll tell you about when and how we made a class mission statement.

One random day, my teacher said we were going to make a class mission statement like how they do it on the morning announcements. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even know if I was happy about it! She said to come up with ideas with either a group or by yourself. I did it with a group of five including me.  Then, the next day, she said to come up with a mini class mission statement.  We made a really good one. It was really cool. The day after that, we voted on which ideas were good and which ones should be in our statement. Finally, the day after that, our mission statement was complete! It was a really fun process. We recite the mission statement every single day now!


27th Day of the Challenge

Today is the twenty seventh day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I’ll tell you about the time I got second place in the spelling bee.

It was the day of the Spelling Bee in fifth grade, the day I was really preparing for. I was flying through each round, until there were only three people left. I was up. My word was porpoise, but the way he said it, it sounded like “porpus.” I went up and said “P-O-R-P-U-S.” He said it was wrong. That was like a stab in the back because this is the competition I was really preparing for. The winner’s winning word was hexagon. I mean, how easy can it get. I still despise that day. It was a terrible feeling and you would know that if it happened to you.

26th Day of the Challenge

Today is the twenty sixth day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I’ll tell you about my great day today.
So, in the morning, I woke up, ate breakfast, then studied. It was okay. But, in the afternoon, was when the real fun started. My friends came over and we played outside and played xbox. It was fun. Then, one of my friend went home. My other friend and I went to help my sister get her soccer cleats, shin guards, socks, and ball. It was her first season playing soccer and I was really excited for her. In fact her soccer starts on Tuesday, while mine starts on Wednesday. After we finished that, we dropped my friend off at his house. Then, when we came home, we got ready to go to the restaurant. We were going to the Cheesecake Factory with my cousin to celebrate that she got into the Academy of Science(AOS)! It was so good. I ate pasta, while everyone else ate different things. It was such a blast! When I came home, it was 9:30, so I had to go upstairs to sleep. It was a great day!

24th & 25th Day of the Challenge

Today is the twenty fourth and twenty fifth day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I’ll tell you about my first season of soccer ever.

I was six years old when I started soccer. We were finishing first grade. It was the spring when my mom told me “Get ready! You’re going to go play soccer!” On my first practice, I was really nervous, but the coaches understood and they were really nice to me. I was really thankful for that because I felt much better. Anyways, I was just learning to kick the ball, when coach said “Ok everyone. Time to pick a team name.” At the end of that, our team name was the “Dragons.” It was pretty cool. I was really excited for our first game! I thought I would be the star and I would score the most goals on the team, but it turns out that I was pretty bad. I scored zero goals for the whole season! But for the season after that, I wanted to improve a lot!

23rd Day of the Challenge

Today is the twenty third day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I’ll tell you about the last day of school last year.


On the last day of school, we came in and there were these really cool slang bags, sunglasses, and a deflated beach ball. She said later, we would be able to use the beach balls outside. SHe said we would be free, but we needed to stay under control. There was a water slide and a dump the teacher booth. There was also a place where you get popcorn and cotton candy for free. We had limited, color coded tickets that we could cash in for food! There were also cool things inside including a photo booth and a life sized foosball table. We could also play soccer on the field. That was where we immediately went. I love to play soccer! It was great. Then, it was the end of the day. I had to say bye to all my good friends since I might not see them for a long time. I didn’t see them until the beginning of sixth grade!

22nd Day of the Challenge

Today is the twenty second day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I’ll tell you about my very interesting day today.

    It was my first day back to school, but I didn’t miss much of anything on today’s A day. I was really, really glad about that because I really didn’t want extra work from home. Anyway, in music we just practiced our concert music for the concert in May. In, History, we learned about the first five presidents and what they did. The class that I came, we did some more about it and went deeper into it. In science, I missed a lab activity, which sounded really fun. But, fortunately, I did get to get all the results on my sheet. In English we were working on the picture book. We now need to finish the bibliography and now start working on the actual, handwritten book. Later in the day, I would also have my competition for the Battle of the Books. We went to Trailside Middle School to compete against Trailside and J. Michael Lunsford Middle Schools. We lost to Trailside Middle School. It was pretty bad. We had practiced this whole year and we lost to Trailside by 45 points! How bad! It was a pretty bad competition for us. It was a good experience though!